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Ummm, What?

Posted on by Cliff Kriz


Earlier this week I got a GREAT deal on a Turkey (did you see the same ones at Superstore) I think it was like .98 cents a pound, and I will buy a turkey every single time they are cheaper than apples. I threw the turkey into the freezer for a couple of days, and then decided to cook it yesterday.

I do have to say I was a LITTLE nervous about a $16 dollar turkey, but how bad could it be? Thawed it out, and I did notice something was wrong… I just couldn’t quite figure it out. The bird just didn’t quite look right.

I cooked it.

Took it out of the oven, and it hit me.

This discount $16 dollar turkey was missing a LEG! the entire leg, cut clean off. lol. I did look at the package wrapping, and it did say may contain missing parts, but I never thought it would be a LEG! haha Our friends at Motley Que must have bought it for their smoked turkey legs they occasionally make. (remember to listen for the lunch bell during the day to win yourself a Motley Que lunch)

The rest of the turkey, if are curious, tasted great.

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Semenko- Ali

Posted on by Cliff Kriz

At the time, Semenko was the biggest heavyweight in the NHL, and in 1983, Ali was only 41 years old and 5 years removed as the world champion. The fight went down in Edmonton, and as we found out, was really Mark Messiers Uncle’s idea! (apparently he was always looking for the next big promotion)

Apparently Semenko trained hard for the fight (which was more of a stunt) but it turned out to be a draw. You gotta love Ali’s classic smack talk:

Ali comes to meet Semenko
But Semenko’s starting to retreat
If Semenko goes back an inch further,
He’ll end up in a ringside seat.

There was also a lot of celebrity presence at the show, along with the Oilers, Jan Micheal Vincent was the guest announcer, and some say even Micheal Jackson was in the crowd

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(movie) Get Hard

Posted on by Cliff Kriz

It’s out today, and looks like a classic Ferrell movie. Will he ever get stale?

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Budget- The must knows

Posted on by Cliff Kriz


This budget will definitely change the lives of us Albertans, and we will be running on a deficit of 5 billion dollars, the largest ever.

Here are a few things you need to know:

1. Health care levys will generate close to 400 million in 2015/16. If you make less than $50,000 a year you won’t have to pay, after that looks like this

$50,000 to $70,000 Taxable income x 5% to a max of $200
$70,000 to $90,000 $200+taxable income x 5% to a max of $400
$90,000 to $110,000 $400+taxable income x 5% to a max of $600
$110,000 to $130,000 $600+taxable income x 5% to a max of $800
$130,000 and up $800+taxable income x 5% to a max of $1,000

The price of gas is also going up as of today. 4 more cents a litre which brings the provincial fuel tax to 13cents, still one of the lowest in Canada.

More increases on pay day just before the weekend for you :

Bottle of wine: $0.16 increase
Case of beer: $0.90 increase
Carton of 200 cigarettes: Up $5 to $45
Loose tobacco: Up to 33.75 cents per gram

Charitable donation tax benefits have also been reduced for 2016 to 12% from 21.

The good news? No sales tax. and… that’s about it.

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Throwback Wrestler

Posted on by Cliff Kriz


Today’s Thursday ThrowbackWrestler is an absolute beauty. A high flying-white short wearing legend from the 70′s to the 90′s. He’s held the intercontinental title as well as the tag team champion belts and is always considered ‘one of the good guys’ You may remember how a Canadian, Rick Martel turned on him. What a heart break that was.

He’s also, along with Hogan, the only wrestler to appear in the first 9 Wrestlemanias!

Enjoy some more from our Wrestler on ROCK 97.7 and don’t forget to get in tune with your Jason Statham movies, as we will be playing a clip later this morning… if you can be the first to identify what movie it’s from, you’ll get a pair of tickets to see Marilyn Manson at Mile Zero Meltdown in Dawson April 1st. 780 539 9797

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Posted on by Cam Skip

Remember when everyone freaked out at the news that Jesse Eisenberg was playing Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie? They hadn’t seen these cold, calculating eyes. lex-luthor_5512edc70b8e95.19057129
Can’t wait to see the movie! Pic taken from DC Comics


Local(s) Running in Election

Posted on by Cliff Kriz


City Councillor Rory Tarant announced yesterday his plans to run for MLA Grande Prairie Wapiti for the Alberta Party in the upcoming election.

Rory is going to officially launch his campaign this Saturday at Charles Spencer school, on the south-side, at 2pm. You may also follow Rory’s campaign online once he officially launches it at RoryTarant.com

Grande Prairie Fire Department captain Todd Russell is seeking the NDP candidate nomination for the Grande Prairie Smoky riding, and will be at a nomination meeting this Friday at the Coca Cola Centre at 7pm.

No word yet on if Councillor Kevin McLean will run this time around. In 2012 McLean was a Liberal Party candidate in the Grande Prairie Smoky riding.

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Sick Star Wars Short!

Posted on by Cam Skip

You have GOT to check out this amazing Star Wars animated short by Paul Johnson.

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Proposed NFL rule changes

Posted on by Cliff Kriz


Every year the NFL tries to improve the game on the field (like the NHL) considering rule changes to freshen up the game and make it more entertaining. Some rules have just been around forever, and traditionalists will never let them go… others can be explored and tweeked. Here are a few changes being considered:

1) Personal fouls become reviewable: This suggestion came from the Tennessee Titans and it’s a better alternative than Detroit’s option (see below). Teams already are given two challenge flags per game and a third if both of their challenges are successful. In this proposal, those challenges would be eligible to be used on personal fouls.

2) Both teams get a possession in overtime: The NFL has largely improved their overtime rules in recent years. But there are still flaws that could use some tweaking. The Chicago Bears presented a rule that would give each team a minimum of one possession in overtime. In the current system, if a team scored a touchdown on their opening possession of overtime, then the game is over.

3) Extra points move back: extra points have become too automatic, which wasn’t the intention of the original rule. His proposal has extra points going back to the 15-yard line, with two-point attempts staying at the two-yard line. He’s been asking for the last couple of the years. The NFL has tweaked with it during the pre-season but there are no indication that anything will immediately change.

4) Nine-point play? Okay, here’s the whacky one. While it’s completely illogical, this rule from the Indianapolis Colts is entertaining. The Colts are asking the league to consider a new scoring system that allows for a bonus extra point following a successful two-point conversion. Here’s the kicker (pun intended): the kick would come from 50 yards out.

A few more rules and changes are posted here thanks to Jeff Simmons at Sportsnet.ca

What rule changes would you like to see for this NFL season?

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Once Again Opening the Book

Posted on by Cam Skip

With no disrespect to Black Label Society, I have to admit that Zakk Wylde’s best work is when he’s picking along on his acoustic. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Zakk’s 1996 Book of Shadows album, next year we’ll be getting Book of Shadows Volume II, reveals Wylde’s wife and manager.
This was, and still is, one of my all time favorite albums, so if you haven’t yet experienced the awesomeness of Book of Shadows here is a taste.

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