By Willow Meagher


SO here’s the story: Green Day had their set cut in half so Usher could have more time at this “I heart music Festival.” Billie is drunk and freaks out majorly and then he and Mike smash their gear.


Are you serious Billie, come on this doesn’t make you cool, this makes you look like a whiner baby. Give them a reason to give you more time, make your show un-missable. (not a word, but I don’t care.) I know you think your history gives you the right to more time, but keep on proving yourself! You can watch his rant here, but I warn you it’s FULL of f-bombs and makes you angry after, or at least annoyed.


So that’s that, he did check into rehab, so I hope it helps him just get back to producing good music, putting on great shows, and loving what he does.